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The Winten name is synonymous in Queensland history, with our ancestor James Winten having arrived on the shores in Sydney NSW on the 22nd of November 1817 as a convict.

The family's rural and racing interests are well documented in Queensland. They originally settled in and around the Mitchell districts buying and developing a number of renowned large cattle and sheep properties.

My immediate family lived on the Darling Downs and ran a mixed farming enterprise until retirement. I completed an apprenticeship in diesel and heavy earth equipment, then ventured into the property industry at the age of 25.

I am a licenced real estate agent and auctioneer, have been involved in all facets of the industry working for private and public companies mostly on the eastern seaboard.

Toowoomba has been home to my family since 1992 with our business evolving over time to what it is today, a specialist one man business catering to the needs of clients that require that personal touch and common sense approach to getting results.

Knowledge is power, and in an ever changing market we can draw on expertise from all areas to assist in the process of achieving the best outcomes for our customers.

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Winten & Co

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